School Closure Ideas

Dear Parents,

As we enter this time of uncertainty and enforced school closure, we are coming across all sorts of online home learning ideas through social media, as I am sure you might be too. Keep a regular eye on this blog, as we will post ideas as they come in, or feel free to add your own!

Here are some for starters:

Audible has placed a number of books online that are free to access. You can find them here:

The Book Trust website if full of reading ideas and recommendations:

Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, will be streaming a PE lesson each morning from Monday:

I also suggest that the boys keep a diary during these strange times. What a record it would be to look back on in years to come and show their children and grandchildren!

For some kitchen science, take a look at:

For art:

And if your child loves lego:

Keep healthy and keep in touch!

Abbey trip homework

We had a fantastic day with the wonderful teachers from St Albans Cathedral and we learned a lot in this inspiring location. Your homework is to write a detailed recount of the day, remembering what you have learned about how recounts should be structured. To help you, here is the PowerPoint that you saw in the lesson:


You have until Monday to submit your homework, so you have plenty of time to write an outstanding piece of work! Plan it carefully, remembering to write in chronological order, with introductory and concluding paragraphs. I am looking for lots of detail!

Lest we forget…



Think about why it is important to remember those who died for our country in wars and produce a piece of work for display, which can take a format of your choice, such as a poster, poem, fact file, picture, design or  information about a relative who has experienced war. There are so many possibilities. No Powerpoints, though!

Hand in on Wednesday 13th November.

Happy holidays!

It would be a good idea to keep up your skills over the holidays, and we would really recommend that you keep working through your Schofield and Sims books that you have taken home. Also, try these:

Read lots of different types of books
Post book reviews on the Year 4 Blog
Send ‘postcards’ to us via the Blog to let us know what you’re up t0

Take part in this Summer Reading Challenge:

Summer Maze Challenge 2019


For daily practice:

Play games on these websites –
You can also use playing cards to practise your skills:
• Find different ways to sort the cards
• Times tables – decide on a times table you want to practise. Turn over the top card and multiply that number by your chosen times table, turn over the next card and do the same. Keep doing this for a minute and count up how many you have done. Challenge a friend to see who can get through the most in a minute!
• Number Bonds – as above, but say the number that, when added to the number you have turned over, makes 10
• Addition – turn over two cards and add them together. How many can you do in 30 seconds?
• Subtraction – as addition, but take the smaller number away from the bigger number

If you fancy creating worksheets, this website is really good:

Try these too:


Have a wonderful summer break!!